How Long Does It Take To Get From Johor Bahru To Singapore?

Have you ever wondered about cross country travel and including such an adventure on your trip itinerary? Well, there are quite a lot of options that you can go for with this. For travelers in Malaysia, it is definitely possible to go with the scenic route when you take the bus from johor to singapore. There are several bus terminals that you can choose from, and this paves the way for options in case you want to reach a specific part of Singapore. But the big question for most travelers is whether the time they spend riding the bus will be too much or if it’s going to be a good itinerary for a day tour.

Not so much time is wasted

While it is possible to take the plane from Malaysia to Singapore, choosing the bus route is also a wise choice. The travel time for a bus from johor to singapore will only take two to three hours at most, and this is already quite a good deal. With this, you will also get to experience the unique way to travel via land when going from one country to another. There are many terminals that you can choose from in Johor, and it will depend on which part of Singapore you are aiming to go to.

The two hours travel time is just enough to make it for a day tour. Whether you are on a business trip or on a vacation, trying out this route can be quite the experience. Some people even cross borders just to eat on the other side because the cultural differences can clearly be seen when you compare the two. The food, the people, and even the environment will be different, so it is definitely worth the trip in case you have plans to travel in wither countries.…